Local SEO Myths

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As a small business owner, you have heard all the hype.  You know you need to have a presence online in order to survive in today’s technology driven business world.  Yet, online marketing is a mystery to many small business owners.  And, even more intimidating is local marketing. As confusing as it may be, many small business owners, just like you, are often lead to believe that they can conduct their local marketing SEO the same way as the national brands.  What works for the national brands will not work for your local small business trying to beat out the local competition. It is hard for any business owner to understand the difference between right and wrong in relation to local SEO marketing, as the majority of information available is unclear and inconsistent.  Let’s look at some of the local SEO myths behind successful SEO for local business. Link building…

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Whether you like it or not, social media has now become a part of everyday life and that includes how you present your business to your customers. Whether you own a small handyman service or a computer repair shop, if you want to increase your market share, you’ll need to have a presence on social media. But how can you determine whether or not you are actually making an impact on social media? It can be daunting at first, especially if you don’t consider yourself an expert when it comes to technology, but all you have to do is follow these guidelines and you’ll easily be able to understand how your customers are interacting with you through social media. Understanding Social Analytics It makes sense to actually understand the meaning of social analytics before you attempt to measure it. To make it simple, social analytics are the measurements of the…

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Becoming an authority in your field

Have you ever dreamed about becoming an authority in your field? Well, you’re not alone! This is something many people dream about, but few ever get a chance to realize their dreams. The fact is that becoming an authority is no easy feat, especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, by reading and taking the advice in this guide to heart, you’ll already be ahead of most of your competitors. You’ll learn more about what being a local authority means, and you should also have a pretty good idea about the steps required to get there. While everyone’s path will be different, there are still many practices you should try to follow to maximize your chances of becoming an established authority in your field.

The emergence of digital technology in recent years brought about great changes to not only consumers but also the business world. Digital marketing strategies impacted every facet of the business world as well as every facet of life in most consumers; thus, resulting in a peak on marketing endeavors in all industries. A lot of experimentation occurred in discovering and manipulating search engine optimization with top search engines changing their search algorithms and the incorporation of search engine marketing. Digital marketing became very powerful and influential with the increasingly popular video marketing and social media marketing options becoming available to all businesses, big or small. More successes with digital marketing are expected in 2015 as this facet of modern marketing teams up with other dynamic marketing solutions and approaches that include e-commerce and m-commerce. Best Website Designs As digital technology advances with more dynamic features in the offering, there is…

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