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  • * Domains that have been registered and not ever dropped are called:

“Aged Domains”

These domains normally sell for more than a new one because they have been around for a while. They’re usually out of the Google Sandbox and for those who are looking for aged domains with a history, it can help them make a living online or raise credibility in their niche markets simply because if the domain has been around for years, it appears that the product or services have been as well.

In SEO the domain age matter a lot in the ranking of the website.

We have following aged domains for sale.
The value listed behind a domain was estimated by:

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15 years OLD  ($4073)  ($1875)  ($3983)   (On Sale in Godaddy!!!)  ($3897)  ($3895)  ($3895)  ($3894)  ($3905)  ($3939)

Social Media Domains (2-7 years) bundle: (6yrs) (4yrs) (4yrs) (3yrs) (2yrs) (7yrs) (4yrs)
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Medical Domains (6-10 years): (10yrs) $1012 (8yrs) $1293 (7yrs) $596 (7yrs) $1280 (8yrs) $1272 (7yrs) $1276 (6yrs) $654

Several niches (5-11 yrs): (11yrs) $457 (11yrs) $1875 (7yrs) $820 (10yrs) $1715 (10yrs) $878 (6yrs) $602 (5yrs) $601 (10yrs) $1637 (6yrs) $785 (7yrs) $797 (7yrs) (10yrs) $1567

The value listed behind a domain was the estimated value by:

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Thousands of domain names expire every day. The reasons are different. Some owners forgot to renew the domains, some just don’t want them anymore or they moved on to other projects. For most people these so called Expired Domains don’t have any value. They just see a bunch of Domain Names someone else deleted and move on, but for the people who know about SEO or the value of good Backlinks, Expired Domain Names are money just waiting to get picked up from the street. The only problem is to separate the good ones from the bad ones. Soon we will be in: