Our business blogs compares to a traditional website but with Web 2.0 blog technology. You be in control of the information, pictures, video etc you like to have on your business blog. You can add, edit or delete content at any time, anywhere you have access to the Internet. Your Business blog can contain the menu structure of traditional website pages, but you can also add posts to alert on current news, special offers, etc., all on the spot and be able to interact directly with your customers if you wish to do so.

A business blog gives you ability to provide your customers (and potential new customers) with fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. Something what is difficult to achieve with a website. A blog let’s you add new material, including audio and video, completely by yourself, without the need of your webmaster or programmer involvement. Blogging has helped companies to establish more client interaction since many customers, and also random surfers, will happily utilize a blog to comment and share feedback on their experiences or ask questions. Adding a blog to an existing website can increase your website traffic and create a positive business exposure. Think of your professional or business blog for what it actually is: your voice, speaking directly to potential clients, when you aren’t around. Give your business blog a chance to bring in new contacts, new traffic, new subscribers, new credibility and establish your authority – and more profit than you thought possible with a website.

We offer 5 turnkey business blog packages to fit all needs (Upgrading to a next level is possible at anytime).

Starter Package
Entry level for anyone. An excellent way to start blogging for fun or with a more professional purpose in mind. You get a turnkey product, we do it all for you. Just complete a simple form, make the initial payment (covers setup and first month) and within 3 -5 days the blog will be delivered to you with instructions on how to use it (including access to video lessons and other training material). Even Blog starter is setup with all the extra security for a business blog (not just a standard blog installation). We will also link to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account, so you can start branding yourself.

Professional Package
A very attractive price for a turnkey blog designed for a starting professional. This is an excellent way to promote yourself with an online curriculum and your mission, vision and value statements for your professional career. Your name will be found in Google and your blog will become become your online professional business card. We will link to your Social Media accounts for you to start branding your name and your professional career.

Mini Business Package
This is the package you should consider when you own or start a business. If you are self employed and offer services or sell products this is the package to start with. It is also an excellent starting package for a small local business owner with a few employees or part-time workers. This package is excellent priced. It includes setup of a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account if not available and we monitoring the accounts for proper use.

Small Business Package
Package with extra blog features and services to help to expand your business. It is like a large complete website with blog functionality and additional SEO and traffic generation tools. You supply the content and we enter and do manual the SEO optimization for optimal results. This blog will help to grow your business and your business get excellent targeted branding through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. We do it all, including the required content to keep your business blog in an “active” SEO status.

Complete Business Package
The best you can get to expand your Business. Many additional optimization features. Two independent, full structure menu levels. Excellent for many product and service description pages. Add technical, support and training information to all your products and services. Targeted posts and article submissions. We add a Google Plus account for more branding and we do more advanced SEO optimization. We create the minimum necessary content and will monitor your account almost daily to ensure your traffic and business exposure keeps growing.

5 “Turnkey” Blog Options

  starting at $ 147.00 /month

For Professionals Plan A Plan B
Several Blog Designs, complete setup 4 models 15 models
Domain, Hosting, Training and basic SEO setup
Setup and Branding of Social Media accounts none 3
Pricing $147/month Order Now $197/month Order Now 
For Businesses Plan C Plan D Plan E
Complete Blog Designs, full menu structure Business Layout Adapted Layout Fully Personalized
Advanced  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic only  Yes Yes
Mobile friendly Yes  Yes Yes
Latest responsive design Yes  Yes Yes
Activity posting 1/mo 2/mo 4/mo
Posting Client Material First Month Only  Yes Yes
Blog security, backups, link management  Included Included Included
Video creation  None 1 /quarter 1 /month
First Month $1,997 $3,997 $5,997
Monthly $297/month Order Now $497/month Order Now $697/month Order Now

Ask For detailed comparison of features.