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PPC Training

“PPC Training”

How would you feel if someone tells you that PPC is the Ultimate Key to get INSTANT Quality traffic on your website in order to boost your Sales and Profits?

In the PPC advertising model, advertisers pay the website publisher with an amount each time the ad is clicked. It is simply described as “the amount which is spent to get a click”. Publishers can employ banner ads, video ads, mobile ads, flash ads and text ads to promote the product or service and generate revenue. .. 

You can put money in your pocket in LESS THAN ONE WEEK

You may have perceived that PPC advertisement can be the solution to all of your business needs – but the question is “what is PPC advertisement?”.  “PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click” and is also called “cost per click”. It is an online advertising method to promote your products and services on search engines, social media and all around the web to drive direct traffic towards your website.”
People search in real time and they get results instantly from search engines. If you are using a PPC campaign to promote your business and have the similar products which are searched, your ads will be displayed there.
Every time an ad is clicked and someone visits your landing webpage, you get charged for that click. If they don’t click you won’t get charged..

Press Play and Learn How It can be DONE!

If you set a proper Pay Per Click campaign, you will be able to laser target your audience in a precise manner, and satisfy their needs and desires in a proper manner. You will also be able to get quickly the most out of your financial resources by avoiding expenditure on campaigns that rarely give results.
The question is…

…what will you discover after downloading the “PPC Training” Ebook…
  • What PPC Marketing is all about.
  • The Top 20 PPC Ad Networks and Automation Tools.
  • Why you should definitely use PPC for your business.
  • Setting up a Profitable PPC Campaign from Start to Finish.

This detailed and highly-effective training ebook will also reveal:

  • The exact techniques to skyrocket your Business Success in the shortest time ever. 
  • Using the strategies that are TESTED AND PROVEN over a considerable span of time.
  • Highly-effective techniques that will make your Ad campaigns a lot more productive.
  • How to apply these really easy-to-follow strategies right away
  • How to use a Careful and Planned approach.

Creating goals will help you optimize your strategies and improve your performance. You can start with Google, Yahoo and Bing, the major platforms. Your goals can be based on your target market, offers, campaigns, budget, time frame and other things.

Pay-Per-Click advertising enhances your brand awareness among customers. It costs you when customers click on the appeared ads and visit your website, but the impressions work as a freebie. Impressions add an extra advantage to your brand. Even if you are not being clicked, you still grab the attention of your customer. 

Here are some eye opening statistics……..
  • Spending on PPC Ads rose 12% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2014. 
  • Marketers are expected to spend $540 billion globally on advertising in 2015.
  • 63% of companies have annual PPC budgets of more than $300,000.
  • Mobile PPC is growing at an outstanding rate and accounts for 20% of global PPC.
  • 60% increase in global paid search spending is predicted for 2015
  • 83% of company leaders said that they feel very good about the PPC Market.
  • 20% to 30% traffic comes from paid PPC listings.
  • 45% have budgets of more than $1 million.

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Published June 2015 – 95+ pages / 18000 words