Tips to market your local business effectively

10 Online Leads Building Tips for Local Businesses

10 Video Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

  • Create Different Types of Video Content
  • Create Evergreen Content
  • Post Videos on YouTube
  • Localize & Optimize Your Videos
  • Create Video Content Often
  • Capture Emotions Up-Front
  • Don’t Go Overboard: Keep it Simple
  • Brand All of Your Videos
  • Encourage Social Media Sharing
  • Use a Strong, Compelling Call-to-Action

10 Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses

  • Develop a Crisis Plan
  • Put Customer Service FIRST
  • Find Out What People Are Saying About You
  • Respond to Negative Issues
  • Distribute Content Consistently
  • Build Loyalty with Social Media
  • Ask Customers for Reviews
  • Post Positive Reviews on Your Website
  • Be Careful with Online Comments
  • Repair Any Damage

10 Social Media Tips for Local Businesses

  • Develop a Social Media Plan First
  • Listen & Respond to Your Audience
  • Post Often, But Don’t Over-Post
  • Provide Valuable Tips
  • Keep Your Posts Short
  • Encourage Others to Share
  • Share Other People’s Content
  • Test & Track What’s Working
  • Watch Your Competitors
  • Choose Your Social Media Platforms Carefully

10 Email Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

  • Develop an Email Marketing Plan First
  • Build a Targeted List of Subscribers
  • Use Accurate Subject Lines
  • Keep Your Content Relevant
  • Write Your Messages to ONE Person
  • Make Sure Emails are Mobile-Friendly
  • Keep Your Emails Short & Sweet
  • Provide Helpful Information
  • Test Your Campaigns
  • Make Unsubscribing Easy

10 Effective Website Tips for Local Businesses

  • Have a Clean, Compelling Layout Design
  • Have Great Content
  • Keep Your Content Concise and Easy to Read
  • Use Keyword-Rich Content Headings
  • Use Visual Content
  • Make Navigation Effortless
  • Have a Way to Capture Leads
  • Make Sure Everything Works
  • Mobilize Your Website
  • Don’t Forget Your Calls to Action

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